1. jelenasvoices:

    *wipes tear away*

    thank you.

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  3. bigeisamazing:

    *at Starbucks*


    *sees classmate boyfriend out kissing on some other woman*


    *would say something but I remember she didn’t let me copy her notes*


    "that’s clearly not any of my business"


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  4. zustin:

    look at that smile


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  5. justin’s health and happiness is so important to me, i’m just really proud of him and everything he’s achieved.

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  6. come home to me…

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  7. smokingwithselena:

    Its amazing what 7 years does

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  9. The day jelena gets married I swear I won’t stop crying of happiness I’ll just sit here and stare at the stars

  10. bieber-news:

    July 27: Justin onstage with Grace Kesablak at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

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