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    I usually wouldn’t reblog Justin Bieber, but I had to this time. I truly love the way he looks at her, as I’m sure many other people do. It’s a look that shows adoring love. He admires her, you can tell. And at the same time, he respects her. This, right here, is how every guy should look at the girl they love. I don’t love this photo because of who’s in it though. I love it because despite the fact that this boy and girl are insanely famous, they still love each other in a way that any ”typical” kid can experience. That’s the best thing about the world, you don’t have to be anything to feel true love from a significant other. You can be anything just to find someone. And that’s what this picture shows. No matter who you are in this world, it doesn’t change your ability to love.

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    RIP to all those who didn’t make it to 2014. And to those that did; I’m so, so proud of you.

    I didn’t even try to scroll past this

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    the two sides of jelena.
    there’s no inbetween

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  4. Reblog if love Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber being together.


  6. Anonymous said: I hate to be selfish but I always picture what Selena and Justin's wedding would look like and their kids



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    August 18: Selena leaving a comment on a fan account

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    can selena justin and fredo hang out that’s a very overdue selfie